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Taking Your Business Into the Direct Sales Market 
Strategy, Planning and Implementation 
We help our clients decide when, where, how and with whom to do business. 
We adopt a project management approach to the entire process, involving products, people, places, premises, policies & procedures, compliance, compensation plans – whatever is necessary. 
Countries - we and our associates worldwide will help you pick the best countries for your business and in the process to understand and absorb the 
rules, cultural norms and processes essential to your success 
Products - we will help you decide upon suitable product types, possibly to be launched on a progressive basis, which can include the identification of suitable sources of raw materials 
Sales channels - we will help you decide on the most appropriate channels to market, possibly including channels other than direct selling as a complementary or alternative approach 
Rewards structures - we can help you to decide upon the appropriate methods of rewarding your sales people and any employees 
Evaluate and select target markets 
Work specifically on countries of greatest interest 
Define a market entry strategy and business plan 
Plan a master budget 
Market testing 
Regulatory approvals 
Market research trials 
Soft launch 
Product identification and sourcing, screening and quality control - we can help you choose suitable products and get you the approvals you need as regards ingredients, labeling, marketing and otherwise 
Business compliance - we can help your business to comply with the variety of laws regulating the industry 
Government relations and regulatory authorities - we can help you establish the essential relationships to give your business the best possible start, and to maintain it in good standing wherever you operate 
Recruitment of a management team to implement your strategy and ensure your success. 
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